Food as Contemporary Art

Food as Contemporary Art a series I’ve been working on over 7 years (time flies!). It is also a reason why I started taking photos seriously. I had a vision and knew what I wanted to create but didn’t know how. I bought cheap strobe lights on Craigslist and kept taking photos. It’s fascinating for me to see how the series developed. Although I have more knowledge and techniques now, my approach to the project is still the same. Just being curious and expressing joyful moments. Check out the article to see the whole series. 

New Promo

I was thinking of creating a new promo with the photos from Food as Contemporary Art for a while and I finally created one with the help of wonderful Kim Cherry Bomb (!

Hubble - Cold Pressed Fizzy Juice

I had an opportunity to take photographs of a new product called Hubble - Cold Pressed Fizzy Juice. It’s alway exciting to work with unique and fun products like them. Food styling is done by Belly Food Style. I enjoy doing food styling for my fine art photography (@foodascontemporaryart), but when it comes to commercial photography, working with a professional food stylist like Belly Food Style makes a huge different!

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