Last Saturday, I had a group show with my photographer friends Letian Zhou and Sylvana Burns. We were planning to do a show together someday, and we were finally able to do it. The show was at Henry Duarte Gallery in Downtown LA. The theme was EMOTIVE (emotion) because we express different kinds of emotion through photography. 

The image of watermelon is specifically shot for this exhibition. Since I’ve been working as freelance photographer, I get a variety of projects at the same same, which I really enjoy, but it’s sometimes hard to find a balance in those situations. In this piece, I wanted to express being grounded without being influenced from the outside.

Here is a photograph of Sylvana Burns with her photograph. What’s great about doing a group show with other artists is that I get to see how other artists work. They bring brilliant ideas that I didn’t even think about before. It gives me a different perspective in my art. The image and the presentation of her photograph was just stunning!

I can’t thank enough for the opportunity! The show will be running until 7/14/2017 Friday.

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