A Fun Article Featured on Spy.com

An article that I was interviewed about how to take good food photography is now on spy.com. You can check out the article here - http://spy.com/2017/entertainment/food-drink/how-to-take-better-food-photos-pics-yuya-parker-photographer-95416/..

This is for amateur photographers who like taking photographs of what they eat to post on Instagram or simply for their families. Although the most important thing is expressing the experience or the feelings to the food through the images, there are many techniques that could help to make images that you like. Since we’re using a phone or a digital camera, there are always limitations. Different cameras work differently. Knowing what you can do with your camera is a key. Small changes such as fill light or composition can improve images greatly. 

Auction at Craig Krull Gallery

I had an opportunity to show one of my photographs at Craig Krull Gallery. It was a fundraiser for the non-profit organization, Art Division. It was exciting to see people bid on my piece right in front of me. I was talking to one of the bidders about the piece, and she didn’t know I created the image until the end. An opportunity like this allows me to look at my work from a distance. The comments I receive from the audiences are valuable because I can feel the excitement (or disappointment).

USC Fisher Museum of Arts

I was invited to be a part of artist in residence at USC Fisher Museum of Arts. Thank you Art Division LA for the opportunity! It was thrilling to be able to display my photographs at the museum. Also, the experience I had during the residency was incredible. I met many talented artists. I got tons of inspirations. I hope in 10 years or even in 30 years, I’m still creating art and enjoying it.

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