One day Anthony asked me to go to Las Vegas. He said he became friends with a monk, who was under a tree for his mission, and Anthony was going to take the monk to a temple in Las Vegas. Anthony is one of the most unexpectable people I’ve met. I decided to bring my disposal cameras and recorded the journey. 


I had a solo exhibition at Art Division Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. This was my first time doing a solo exhibition. First, I thought it won’t be difficult, but there were much more things that I expected. Since I was working, I ended up staying up until 3am every day to get things done. It was definitely a great experience and can’t thank enough to the people who supported to make this happen.

FaCa Video Shoot

Food as Contemporary Art is a series I’ve been working for a few years. It’s a celebration of food and inspired by Japanese flower arrangement, ikebana. This time, I decided to create a short video using the same concept. I’m thrilled to be able to see the final video. I hope you enjoy it!

Director: Yuya Parker & Jae Yong Park
Cinematography: Kane Wang
Actors: Anthony Filipelli & Page Smith
Makeup: Cynthia Angelina
Choreography: Charlotte Gouin
VFX: Rush VFX, Yuya Parker, Jae Yong Park
Graphic Design: Tanya Chang

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